The Heart of America Association of Blood Banks is a nonprofit, professional organization dedicated to improving Transfusion Medicine by fostering the exchange of information and bringing education opportunities to blood bank and transfusion medicine professionals.  The HAABB hosts two annual meetings for the Kansas City & St Louis areas. 










The HAABB is offering a scholarship gift in the amount of $500 to the MLS or MLT student attending an area program who submits the best paper on a Transfusion Medicine topic.  We hope that this award will promote an interest in research, development, and continuing education in the field of blood banking.

The paper should be 2-5 pages, double spaced and should be relevant to today's

blood banking field.  Topics can cover technical advances, current trends, experimental

work or controversial issues in the field of blood banking, transfusion medicine, and cellular or gene therapies.


The format of the paper should include a Title, an Introduction, Discussion, Conclusions, and References. Please refer to the grading rubric which will be used to judge the scholarship papers. 


Deadline for submission is April 1, 2024.  Only the first 10 papers received prior to the deadline will be considered.  The scholarship will be awarded in May and the winning paper will be placed on the HAABB website. 


The other applicants submitting papers considered for the scholarship will receive a $25 gift card for participating.  


Entries remain the property of HAABB.  Please keep a copy for yourself.




Complete the application form and send it with your Transfusion Medicine paper to the following HAABB Education Committee Member:   Zhan Ye


NOTE:  Applications must arrive by April 1, 2024. Scholarship selection will be made at the May HAABB Board of Directors meeting.