The Heart of America Association of Blood Banks is a nonprofit, professional organization dedicated to improving Transfusion Medicine by fostering the exchange of information and bringing education opportunities to blood bank and transfusion medicine professionals.  The HAABB hosts two annual meetings for the Kansas City & St Louis areas. 








HAABB Membership Information



Individual Memberships


Individual annual membership dues are $20


Institutional Memberships:


Institutional annual membership dues are $30


Institutional memberships allow one facility to register any number of employees for the meetings at membership rates.


Membership is valid for the current year's spring and fall meetings.  Membership must be renewed prior to the next spring meeting.  For example, memberships in 2022 cover the Spring and Fall 2022 meetings.  New membership dues are necessary prior to attending the 2023 Spring Meeting.


We accept PayPal for online payments:


If you would like to pay using VISA, MC, American Express, or Discover you may use the PayPal buttons on the right. 




HAABB would like to thank the following institutional members for their support of our educational program. 


HAABB INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERS 2022 (expires April 1, 2023):




To pay your membership dues by check, please print screen and complete form.  Make checks payable to HAABB.


Mail To:


Gina Gramlich, HAABB Treasurer

3206 Country Club Drive

Jefferson City, MO  65109



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