The Heart of America Association of Blood Banks is a nonprofit, professional organization dedicated to improving Transfusion Medicine by fostering the exchange of information and bringing education opportunities to blood bank and transfusion medicine professionals.  The HAABB hosts two annual meetings for the Kansas City & St Louis areas. 








Thank you!

The 2018-2019 HAABB Board of Directors would like thank all those who made recommendations for the 2019-2020 HAABB Board of Directors.  We would also like to thank Karen Johns, Rita Keith, and Lynsi Rahorst for serving on the 2019 Nominating Committee and providing an excellent slate of nominees.  

The 2019-2020 HAABB Board of Directors slate of nominees is as follows:


President Elect:  Diana Moroney


Vice President:  Dr. Gagan Mathur

Member at Large #1:  Carrie Easley


Member at Large #2:  Beth Jones

Member at Large #3:  Krystal Tray

Nominee Election

The slate of nominees will be presented to the HAABB members at the Annual Business Meeting. The members shall vote to accept or reject the slate of nominees for board of directors as put forth by the nominating committee.  

 Meet the Nominees

President-Elect - Diana Moroney

Diana Moroney has been employed by the American Red Cross for 29 1/2 years. She has a Masters in Business Administration with a Healthcare Emphasis, is a Medical Technologist registered with the American Society of Clinical Pathology with a Specialist in Blood Banking certification and a BS in Biology.
She has worked in a variety of positions throughout her career at the American Red Cross which included several years in Clinical Laboratory Management where she oversaw a Transfusion Service Laboratory, Coagulation Laboratory and Transplant Laboratory. For the past 12 years she has held the position of Manufacturing Director at the ARC Saint Louis Site which processes blood collected in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas and Indiana.

Vice President - Dr Gagan Mathur

Dr. Gagen Mathur is currently the Clinical Pathologist, Transfusion Medicine/Blood Banking for Saint Luke's Health System in Kansas City, MO.  

Member at Large #1 - Carrie Easley

Carrie Easley graduated from The University of Kansas Medical Center Medical Technology program in 1999.  She spent the first half of her career working PRN at smaller community hospitals as a generalist.  This allowed her a great deal of time at home when her children were young.  She started working at Stormont Vail Health in Topeka in 2009, and quickly became a dedicated Blood Bank laboratory scientist.  In 2013, she was promoted to Blood Bank Supervisor, and currently serves on many laboratory and hospital-wide committees.  She enjoys all aspects of her role, but is particularly proud of her work to expand their patient blood management efforts and to help in caring for their most ill and injured patients as Chair of their multi-disciplinary Massive Transfusion Review Committee.  Organizing the MTP case reviews has given her the amazing opportunity to work with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care professionals to constantly improve a challenging process. 


During her time outside of the hospital, she enjoys spending time with her husband, five children, and our golden retriever named Hugo.  Hobbies include gardening, reading, vacations to the beach, and serving as the Care Package Coordinator for the Congenital Heart Defects Families Association.

Member at Large #2 - Beth Jones

Elizabeth Jones, “Beth” received her BS in Secondary Education (Biology and Chemistry) from MSU in 1984, and shortly after, moved to Fort Worth, Texas, where she graduated from Harris Hospital’s School of Medical Technology. For several years, she worked as a hospital technologist, and as an IRL technologist for Carter Blood Center in Fort Worth. In 1993, Beth and her husband relocated to Kansas City, where Beth has worked at St. Luke’s Hospital, serving as the Blood Bank Education Coordinator for the Medical Laboratory Science Program for the past 18 years. She loves teaching antibody identification, mother/baby theory, and component therapy! Beth has served on the HAABB Board in the past as a general board member, and as the president in 2011. She has presented several case studies and interactive quiz games in the past, and believes that the HAABB is one of the most valuable assets to making our making our Blood Banking community strong and informed.

Member at Large #3 - Krystal Tray

Krystal graduated from University of Iowa and has been a Medical Technologist for 35 years.  The first 5 years of her career were spent at the VA hospital in Iowa City, Iowa and then she moved and worked in  California for 14 years (doesn’t everyone want to be nearer the ocean) before returning to the Midwest.  Krystal started as a Lead Tech in Blood Bank with American Red Cross at the University of Missouri.  Krystal is currently the Transfusion Services Supervisor for both the University of Missouri Hospital and Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Columbia, MO.  It is challenging and yes, it is exhausting, but also fun.  

She is a returning member to the board. Krystal and her husband, Chris, have 2 children and the youngest will graduate from college in the spring of 2018!